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42125 360th Avenue


                          Listed Price                                                                    $189,000.00

                          Bedrooms                                                                      3

                          Bathrooms                                                                      1 3/4

                          House size                                                                      30’ X 50’

                          Square Footage                                                              1,448 sq. ft.

                          Year Built                                                                       1972

                          Lot Size                                                                          2.36 acres

                          Garage                                                                           24’ X 30’

                          Heat                                                                               Electric

                          Air Conditioning                                                             Central

                          Taxes                                                                             $1,480.00


            This Beautiful brick home is located on the Northeast shore of Silver Lake near Ayrshire, Iowa.  It has 998’ feet of shoreline and many shade trees and comes completely furnished.

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